The Blouses Roses Association's mission is to entertain patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly, through fun creative and artistic activities.


The associationFounded in 1944, the association is composed of over 3,900 volunteers in 67 committees involved in 501 hospitals and nursing homes in 201 cities.
In 2010, 652,200 sick and elderly people benefited from 62,316 half-days of Blouses Roses events.
The association is apolitical and non-denominational.
It has been state-approved since 1967, and is approved by the Ministry of Youth, Research and Education.
The Blouses Roses Association is a member of ANAM (the National Alliance of Associations in Rural Health), EACH (the European Association for Children in Hospital), and APACHE in France (Association for the Improvement of
Hospitalisation Conditions of Children).



The Blouses Roses APPROACH

Blouses Roses volunteers are involved on the basis of a partnership agreement with medical facilities: hospitals and retirement homes primarily.
In 2010, Blouses Roses intervened in 792 services.
Upon approval of a new service or new facility to house the Blouses Roses, the association strives to recruit the desired number of volunteers.
Throughout the years, volunteers receive double training: psychological support to help them cope more easily  in dealing with disease and the elderly, and they learn techniques for many fun and creative activities.
Training is also offered to Blouses Roses presidents and their teams working in the office of the committees.




1944: Struck by the isolation and inactivity of youth afflicted with tuberculosis, Madame Marguerite Perrin, a social worker involved in scouting, created the association "The Cure for work sana" in Grenoble.
The Association held its first General Assembly.
The Association was renamed "Cure of work and home retraining"
The Association again changed its name: "Association of Rehabilitation through Labour and Leisure."
ARTL received state approval and was accredited by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Association is apolitical and non-denominational.
The name of the Association became "Animation Interests in the Hospital" or ALH. The Association initiated the creation of the "Charter of voluntary associations in the hospital," issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Solidarity.
The Association was named "Les Blouses Roses / Animation Interests in the Hospital." The Association was the recipient of the "Great Cause of National Fraternity."
The Association celebrated its 60 years of activity.
The Association "Les Blouses Roses" became a member of Hearts Champion alongside Mecenat Cardiac Surgery and A Jersey for Life. The Blouses Roses uniform was redesigned by the Catalan designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.


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